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JPH Designs specialises in Website Design, Graphic Design, and much more.


Let us bring your ideas to life!


Graphic Design, Website Design, Advertising Material, Magazine Design, Logos, Style Guides, and more!

Graphic Design. What can we design for you?

Updating your business or company logo?
Need to update the look of your website with a fresh web design?
Looking for a social media advertisement?

Do you need some business stationary such as business cards or letterheads?
Do you have a catalogue or magazine that needs designing and laying out?

Whether it’s starting fresh with new graphic design, or revamping your current design, we’d love to help. We can help with just about any graphic design need you may have.

Our graphic design services include Logo Design, Print Media and Advertising Design, Website Design, Style Guides, Business Cards, Brochure and Magazine Design and Layout, Social Media Ads, Vector illustrations… you get the picture.

Let us bring your ideas to life! We enjoy designing and take great pride in what we produce, but we do understand that at the end of the day it’s your design. With JPH Designs, you don’t have to worry about dealing with “precious” graphic designers, no, we listen to our clients and work hard to deliver the best and most professional graphic design artwork possible, while considering your design needs and vision.

Graphic Design, Website Design, Advertising Material, Social Media Ads, Magazine Design, Logos, Style Guides and much more!

Call us to talk about bringing your inspirations to life! We are based in Dunbogan NSW, and service the mid-north coast and Australia wide!

Need some inspiration? Here are some samples:

Wall to Wall Plastering Logo Graphic Design
Magazine Design and Layout for NCHA Chatta Magazine
Toby Price Website Banner Graphic Design
Social Media Ad Future NRG Solar Systems
Social Media Ad Future NRG Reclaim CO2 Heat Pumps
Social Media Ad Madimack Pool Heat Pumps


Yes. Next question.

But seriously, your logo is important, it’s what identifies your business. It goes on cards, letterheads, invoices, signs, shirts, cars, and more. First impressions last. Your logo can decide whether someone wants to do business with you. Customers will decide how professional you are by the look and quality of your logo. 

What are you getting designed? Is it a new creation or a recreation? Is it simple or complex? Do you need it now, or last week? Give us a call and we can chat about your graphic design needs. 

Yes, of course you can. Sounds like a silly question, but we get asked this all the time. If you are paying to have something designed, why wouldn’t you be able to have the artwork? If there are designers out there withholding artwork from you that you’ve paid for, you need to stop using them immediately! If you want to take your artwork and change designers, that’s not on you, that’s on the designer. They should have done more to ensure you stay a satisfied customer. 

Whatever we design for our customers becomes their property. We will send it through to you for your records, and we keep a copy on our servers as a backup should you ever need it. (Not saying you’re going to loose it, but, it happens!)

Social media ads come in different shapes and formats. Are you looking for a social media ad graphic? an animated gif? A animated video? A low budget TV commercial quality social media ad?

Each has it’s own requirements and time frame of design. Call us to chat more about what you are looking to design. 

Costs on magazine and brochure design is usually based off a page rate. Magazines and brochures that are full colour and creative will attract a larger page rate cost than an end of year report.

Is content supplied and in what format? Copy writing will make the price more expensive whereas supplied content and imagery keeps costs down.

Get in touch with us so we can chat about your magazine design or brochure desing in more detail.

Did you know?

We can do magazine and brochure design and layout. Contact us today!

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