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Tradies need websites too!

Invest in your business. While you’re working onsite, your website works online finding you new business.

Stand out from your competitors with a modern website. While you’re taking care of business, your tradie website is working hard online generating leads and finding you and your team your next job. 

Our tradie websites are customed designed to suit your business needs, and styled to showcase your brand. With the latest website design technology and search engine optimisation (SEO), your business will demand attention online, bringing in regular enquiries.

Another trusty tool in the box.

While you're chipping, stickin, drillin and brickin, your tradie website works hard online.

Already got a website? Is it 2024 compatible?

Is that website you made 10 – 15 years ago struggling to keep up with the competition? Website design and techonolgy has changed a lot in last couple of years. With more people viewing websites on mobile devices than ever before, it’s important that your website is keeping up with the times. 

Our tradie websites are 100% responsive meaning they will display correctly on computers, tablets and mobile devices. This will keep your visitors happy, and also keep Google happy!

What sort of website do I need? Invest in your business' online presence.

Every business is different and has its own website requirements.  If you have lots of information and services to share, you’ll need a large website. If you just want to get your business online so people can find you, then a small website will do the job just fine. Regardless of the type of website you require, all our websites include:

• Custom website design
• Responsive website design
• Search Engine Optimistation
• Fast setup and turnaround

Get more phone calls...

Generate more leads.

Which tradies can benefit from our tradie websites?

All trades can benefit from a tradie website. Your tradie website works hard online finding and reaching out to potential customers, attracting them to your trade services. 


Ironstone Electrical

I was recommended to JPH by a friend, I have found Jamie to be super professional, with a working draft of my website up and running in just a short time.

I had asked around a little bit when I first started looking for someone to design our site and found Jamie’s pricing VERY reasonable, for the amount of work he put in, and the speed at which it was up and running, and the overall appearance of the site I honestly could not by more pleased.

I then received some training and help with the site later which I really appreciated.

I’m an Electrical contractor and I meet a lot of people who are always asking for recommendations for trades and other services in small business, I will be definitely adding JPH design on to my list of personally endorsed businesses.

Wall to Wall Plastering

Very professional service but also super friendly and helpful. Great ideas and suggestions, helping us understand the best way to get the desired outcome we wanted.

Although we don’t live nearby, distance was never an issue with getting our website up and going.

We have had great success with reaching clients since the website was launched and has been a great investment for our business.

We where so happy with our logo design that was designed for us. Highly recommend.

We know how to build Tradie Websites!

You can have confidence in our work! We know tradies and what they need out of a website.

So... what's it going to cost?

Our Tradie Websites are customized to your businesses needs, and fall into 3 categories:
Starter, Growing and Supercharger.

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Something to get you up and running online so customers can find you. 






Manage and update your content with unlimited pages and posts. 




Take full control with custom elements and advanced features

'From' prices shown are base costs, subject to change, and vary depending on your individual requirements. Where content writing and image sourcing are required, extra costs will be incurred.

Website Features

Our tradie websites are built with the latest technology including responsive design, content management and Search Engine Optimisation. We also custom design our sites, so pick and choose the features and elements you require! 

We can even create a tradie promotional video!

Let's get started...

If you have questions about our tradie websites, get in touch with us today. We’d love to chat with you and are happy to offer free advice. 


In today’s digital age, having a professional website is essential for establishing credibility and trust with potential clients. A well-designed website showcases your expertise, experience, and portfolio of work, helping to instill confidence in your skills and services.

A Tradie website also provides a platform to display customer testimonials, certifications, and licenses, further enhancing your credibility as a reliable and reputable tradesman.

A website serves as a virtual storefront for tradies, making them accessible to potential clients 24/7.

Whether someone is searching for a plumber, electrician, or builder at midnight or during business hours, having a website ensures that your services are visible and readily available online. This accessibility increases the chances of attracting new customers and expanding your client base.

A Tradie website serves as a powerful marketing tool for tradies, enabling them to showcase their services, specializations, and past projects to a wider audience.

Through strategic content marketing, such as blog posts, project galleries, and informative articles, tradies can attract and engage potential clients, demonstrate their expertise, and differentiate themselves from competitors. Additionally, features like online appointment booking, contact forms, and FAQs make it easier for customers to connect with tradies and inquire about their services, ultimately leading to increased leads and conversions.

There are lots of factors to consider, but you can break it down into the following:

  1. How much content do you need to put on the website?
    If you only have a small amount of content and you just want to get your name and business on the internet, a small site is all you need! You may even consider a one page site.
  2. How often will you need to add/update your content?
    If you wont be updating your content much after it’s all setup, then a small or large site will suit you. If you are needing to create new pages, edit content, add new articles to your site, then you’ll need a dynamic site.
  3. Will you be selling products on your site?
    That may seem like a silly question! But depending on your budget and the amount of products you will be selling, you many not need a shopping cart website. There are other options that you take advantage of. Get in touch with us and we can help find the right solution for you.
  4. Budget!
    You’ve been dreaming of that incredible website that is engaging, generates leads, and out does your competition! But remember to build to your budget. If you don’t have the initial funds for the mega site you’ve dreamed of, start small, test the waters, and once you’re business is established and humming along online, look at upgrading. Keep us in the loop and we can look at building your site in such a way that you can “bolt-on” to it later with more features.

You can read more about this in our musing articles where we talk more on this subject. How much does a website cost?

That’s like asking, “How much is a car?” A car can be cheap or expensive, it depends what car you get, and what features you want in the car. It’s no different with websites. There is however an important fact to keep in mind:

Your website is your business online. Having a website exposes your brand or business beyond your local area. It’s an asset you can’t afford not to have. It’s a business expense that will pay for itself.

We’ve put some indicative pricing above to give potential clients an idea of costings, however the cost will vary on your requirements and your budget.

Yes! There are certain costs relating to a website that will be on going. The most common recurring costs are for your domain name and your website hosting. Depending on your circumstances, you may also require a business email hosting. Again, these costs vary depending on the website size, the domain name and the your email requirements.

What does FREE mean to you? If free means to you, no monetary cost, then yes, those free builders are free. I feel like we’ve said free a lot! 

Keep in mind though that although you are getting access to a website builder for free, what isn’t free is your time! There you are, happy as a clam with your free website, spending hour after frustrating hour trying to get it setup and looking the way you want it. Just think, all that time you spent, all that hair you lost, learning how to use that free website builder! Was it worth it? You could have been doing your actual job, earning money. When you consider these factors, is the free website builder really free? 

So yes, if you are just looking to save some coin, you can use one of the advertised free website builders. But while you are saving coin, be prepared to loose an obscene amount of you precious time, and end up with a website that looks ok, but doesn’t stand out.

Save yourself the stress! You focus on doing your job, and let us do what we know best, which is designing and building you an incredible site that compliments your brand and business.

Realistically set aside 4 – 6 weeks. For larger sites and shopping carts, expect a longer build time. If you have a clear idea on what you want, and your content is written, organised and ready to go, you can dramatically reduce the build time.

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