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How much does a website cost?

Everyone is excited. The ideas are flowing back and forth across the table. And then, the dreaded question emerges, “How much will this website cost?” Ok, here we go… When you tell them the website cost, some don’t bat an eyelid. Others will need to search deep within for the strength and coordination to maintain a facial expression that shows they are not shocked and keep their eye’s safely within their sockets!

How much does a website cost? It’s a really great question actually. And with a little bit of perspective and a few illustrations, hopefully you can find a satisfying answer.

Firstly, how much do you think it should cost? Usually when we are shocked by the price of something, we already have a pre-conceived idea on what it’s worth. In most cases though, that pre-conceived idea isn’t based on any solid facts.

A lesson in value and worth

A couple of years ago, a receding hair line and a permanent food baby started to emerge. This physical reminder that age was starting to get the best of me inspired the desire to start exercising. The solution? “I’ll buy a mountain bike!” After much discussion, it was decided that I do have an issue with not settling for anything but the best, and I set my sights on a dual suspension mountain bike. Now how much would you imagine a mountain bike is?

Well I know how much a car is. I can buy a small car that will get me from here to there and everywhere in between for under $4,000. That’s some good value right there! And let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be the greatest car, but it’s got 4 wheels, an engine, a roof… it get’s where you need it to go!

Is anyone else picturing a Hyundai Excel?

Website cost using Hyundai Excel as an example of worth

Now back to the mountain bike. I walk in to the bike store all excited, and there it is, in all it’s glory. The sporty colour and stickers, the fresh tyres, the hotly debated dual suspension. I do the obligatory test of the brake levers, yep, they work, seems solid. I reach for the price tag dangling off the handlebars. The anticipation is tantalizing. What a rush! Imagine the feeling of riding this thing down a track! I turn the price tag over to reveal the price, and instantly search deep within for the strength and coordination to maintain a facial expression that shows I’m not shocked! I divert all available facial muscles toward my eye sockets to prevent an embarrassing eye bulge!

The price? $3,699.00. And this was the base model. The next one up was $4,200.00.

Oof… How will I explain this to my wife!

How could this be? How could a mountain bike cost this much? It’s just a few pipes welded together, a chain and two wheels stuck to the bottom of it. It does have the dual suspension, but surely that’s not blowing out the price that much? A small car is worth only a fraction more, and it has a motor! It’s got 4 wheels and comfy seats! It can take me thousands of kilometres.

Isn’t it interesting, when we start comparing what things are worth, it just doesn’t add up. So when making a purchase, the consideration can be based on 2 things:

  1. Can I afford this item?
  2. Is this item of worth to me?
Website cost using Dual Suspension Mountain Bike as an example of worth

I bought the bike. And honestly, with my limited knowledge of mountain bike engineering, when I look at it, I don’t see $3,699.00 worth of materials. But when looking at it’s value and worth to me personally, I see plenty in excess of that price. The adventures it takes me on, the time spent with friends and loved ones, the little basket that the dog sits in and makes passers by smile! The way the dual suspensions cushions my backside over every bump. Priceless!

So getting back to the question, how much does a website cost? Well, what’s it worth to you and your business?

What’s a website worth to you and your business?

A website is your businesses billboard online. How your website looks and presents will make or break whether a potential customer will contact you. In today’s climate, and especially during the pandemic, customers more than ever are shopping online. Whether it’s a product, a service, or a dual suspension bike, a customers first stop is to do a Google search and look at your website.

Yes that all sounds good, but how much does a website cost? Give me the figures already! Okay, okay…

It all depends on the type, the size, and the scope. It’s like asking, “How much is a car?” Obviously a Porsche 911 S will cost more than that Hyundai Excel on gumtree. It’s built better, it looks better, it has more features. It’s far superior.

It’s the same with websites. The website cost will depend on the type, size and scope.

Type, Size and Scope determines the website cost

Our websites page gives some indicative pricing on different types of websites. Make sure you have a read of that page.

Depending on your needs, the website cost can vary depending on the type of site you purchase.

How do you know which type of site you need? Hopefully our descriptions of each type of site will help you figure that out. But if not, get in touch with us and we can talk you through the options.

When deciding which type of site to go with, you’ll need to use balance and forethought. If you’re a start up or a really small business just needing a web presence, go small. More often though, going the cheapest option is not always the wisest course. Opting for the cheapest type of site has it’s advantages in that you’ll save some precious coin. However what if your business grows and you need to expand your website? You may need to outlay more money to upgrade the website, essentially paying twice! Not good.

Look for a good deal, but think ahead. Have your scope in mind. Where do you potentially want to go with this website?

Pretend your that wise mother buying a jumper for their child two sizes too big so they can grow into it. Sure, they will walk around like an orangutan for half the year with sleeves way too long, but they get the most possible value out of that piece of fabric. In like manner, think about how your website could be expanded upon, and perhaps purchase a type of site that will afford you greater longevity.

Shop outside the box

You’re now convinced and you want to buy a website. What to do now? No doubt your first thought is to pop on down to the local website designer in your town and purchase one. Is that the best thing to do?

Unless you live in my neighbourhood, no! 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I think supporting local business is a great thing to do and would recommend it. When purchasing a website though, shop outside the box. Maybe you’ll end up buying from the local designer, but shop around, see what’s out there. You are purchasing technology, so use technology to purchase it. Do a Google search. Look up some website designers from other areas. Use their contact forms and get some rough costs from them. Talk to your friends and see who they used. If you shop outside the box, you’ll find a good deal.

I’ve built plenty of sites for clients who don’t live in my area. They often tell me how much their local website designers have quoted them. If you are paying $10,000 for a reasonably sized dynamic website with no specially customised functions or application, just stop it. Stop it now! You are paying too much. Shop around and find a better deal.

Why do some designers charge so much?

Overheads, paying their staff, because they can.

There’s a notion that by buying a website from a bigger company or digital agency, you’ll get better support and service. Maybe. But not always. Bigger companies have bigger overheads with more bills to pay. They have more staff to pay so prices go up and up. They have a higher turnover of staff, so that contact you were dealing with may keep changing. They charge more because they can.

This may come as surprise to you, but you typically don’t know the first thing about a website the first time you get one built. And you know what that means? It means you can be easily dazzled by this term and that feature you’ll never use and this charge for something you don’t really need.

Enter stage left, the $10,000 quote. Please guys, just stop paying that much. Unless you are getting some serious customised function or application built, you’re just throwing money away. Save it and give it to your kids. Buy your partner a nice present. Better yet, buy a mountain bike with dual suspension!

Is a smaller website designer a risk?

No way!

A small designer gives you a personal service. You know who to contact when you need support. A smaller designer has the time to talk to you and go the extra mile. Their overheads are far less because they probably work from home. They can keep costs at the proper level. They appreciate your business and you become, not another number, not just some other client, you become their friend.

Just because someone works from their home, doesn’t mean they aren’t qualified to do the job. In fact, most website designers working from home started doing it because they were sick of working in bigger companies. They were overworked, given unrealistic deadlines, they lost their joy, and perhaps at times weren’t as friendly to clients as they should have been. Working from home gives them a new lease on doing the thing they love to do, build you a quality website that kicks the bigger companies ass!

Have we answered the question? I’m not sure…

The cost of your website is an investment

Bottom line people, the website cost can be shocking initially. But think about it’s worth to your business. You might pay $3 – 5K for a website, but with that online presence you may sell that amount plus more per month. Is the price of the website worth it to you then? Absolutely!

You can’t afford to not have a website.

Something we made up just now… It’s true though!

For example:

We recently built a shopping cart for a client. In the first month that shopping cart went live, they sold 8 times more than they paid for the website. That shopping cart paid for itself within the first week. And sales continue to boom.

Sales of 8 times more than website cost in the first month

The cost of your website is an investment. You can’t afford to not have a website. Let that sink in.

With the way potential customers shop or search for services online, you need a website. Even if your website is just the simple of simplest one pagers, your website gives your business a face on the internet.

Hopefully you’ve found something here that has given you an idea on how much a website costs. And if nothing else, maybe we’ve helped boost the market for dual suspension mountain bikes! In any case, shop around and ask for some website costs from designers in different places.

If you would like more information on our website costings, or if you would like to talk about what website type would be best for your business, get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you.